July 6, 2018

Confidential: 'MAD DOG' COLL Hails a Taxi

From our Confidential files, we've dug out the Nov. 19, 1937 edition of the Inquiring Fotographer, a long-running Daily News column that posed the same question to random folks on the street.

On this day, the question was asked of taxi drivers: "Who was the most famous person you ever drove in your cab?"  One answer caught our eye.
Vincent Coll was a murderous Irish mobster, dubbed 'Mad Dog' after killing a five-year-old child caught in the crossfire of a gang war. Coll had a short, violent life, bumped off in a drugstore phone booth by never-identified assailants in 1932, aged 24. What he was doing in Tudor City before hailing the cab is lost to history.

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More questions and answers from the Inquiring Fotographer coming soon. . .

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