July 20, 2016

POKEMON GOes to Tudor City

Pokemon Go ‒ the latest smartphone game sensation ‒ was released on July 6 and has been downloaded over 15 million times since (it's free).

The game's one of the first to showcase augmented reality, a new technology melding digital effects with the real world ‒ in this case overlaying computerized critters over the camera screen of a smartphone. Tudor City Confidential gave the game a test drive in the neighborhood, and it turns out there are pocket monsters hiding in plain sight all over the place. Below, a few of them in situ.

Certain neighborhood landmarks around the world have been designated Pokestops, where gamers can snag virtual swag. Tudor City has ten of them ‒ below, four favorites:

No. 45's terra cotta plaque, No. 25's stained glass window, No. 5's eastern facade and a stone dragon on The Cloister are all official Pokestops.


  1. Nice piece of investigative reporting.And I'm certain you downloaded the app for purely research purposes... >smirk<

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