July 14, 2016

Tudor City on Film: SPLASH

This edition of Tudor City on Film features the 1984 rom-com Splash, directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. The picture was a huge hit and made Hanks, then a TV sitcom actor, into a bona-fide movie star. A remake is currently in the works, with director Howard and producer Brian Grazer involved. Tatum Channing will play the mermaid.

In the original, Hanks plays a workaholic who lives in No. 25, Tudor Tower. In a variant of the old fish-out-of-water story, he meets a girl who also happens to be a mermaid.

Hanks walks Hannah down Tudor City Place to his apartment.
He's unaware she's a mermaid, but very much aware of how smoking hot she is.
Above, Hannah outside the entrance of  No. 25.
It takes Hanks most of the movie to figure out her secret, and along the way there are establishing shots outside his apartment. Above, a rainy night at Tudor Tower.
At the end of the picture, he discovers the truth, but loses the girl. He returns home dejectedly.
Suddenly he's ambushed the press, who've been laying in wait for him. His boy-meets-fish, boy-loves-fish, boy-loses-fish story is too irresistible. 

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