August 29, 2016

Building Spotlight: TUDOR TOWER, No. 25

Continuing our survey of individual Tudor City buildings, here's the lowdown on No. 25, Tudor Tower, known within the French Company as the Fourth Unit.

A faux Tudor City coat of arms rendered in stained glass
(that's an official Pokestop).
- Opened summer, 1928,  Faced with brick, trimmed with sandstone and terra cotta.

- 22 stories, 442 apartments, 2 penthouses. Most units are studios and one bedrooms.

- Opened as an apartment hotel (efficiency apartments offering hotel amenities like room service from the on-premises restaurant, and maid and laundry services, for an additional fee. All resident telephone calls came through a central switchboard).

- Home to a variety of shops over the years: a coffee shop, a real estate office, a drug store, a shoe repair, and a travel agency. In their place today stand a pre-school, a nail salon and a bike shop.

- Best known for its leaded stained glass windows, certainly the finest in all of Tudor City. The building also celebrates local history, with key neighborhood events commemorated in glass or stone.

Above an entryway, a history lesson is etched in stone.

Tudor Tower
On this site in 1827 stood F.B. Winthrop's Summer Home 
And here in 1877 was Paddy Corcoran's Roost

Street view, around 1929.  

Floor plan, circa 1929

Above left, an Instagram-ready door with elaborate iron-hinge brackets. 
At right, stained glass detail of a Dutch burgher in New Amsterdam.

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