August 9, 2016


1931 newspaper ad detail. Though the ad promotes Tudor City's cool river breezes,  the casement windows angled to catch the breeze make those curtains billow.

Like the Murphy Bed, casement windows are indelibly associated with Tudor City.

Nearly all apartments are equipped with them, and always will be ‒ they're landmarked. The two exceptions are The Hermitage, where most windows were replaced prior to landmarking in 1985, and Tudor Gardens, which has no Tudor ornament whatsoever.   

Manufactured by the Detroit Steel Products Company under the brand name Fenestra, Tudor City's casement windows are made of steel and built to last. A 1930s promotional brochure (at left) spells out additional benefits:
- Weathertight
- Fire Resistant
- Admit More Light
- Burglar Protective 
- Easy to Drape
- Easy Operation
- Ventilation Control 

Below, a "Modern-style Living Room" from a 1928 Fenestra brochure.
Wondering how to clean them from the inside?  A demonstration, below.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2017

    Easy to clean - ha! Just try cramming your arm through the smaller kitchen or bathroom windows. We just did a total cleaning of the windows in our new Woodstock "Apartment of the Future" and ended up covered in black soot, only to see dirty spots return a few weeks later. Did TC ever provide window washers for it's full service tenants?