September 16, 2016


This blog is late in crediting Tudor City View for many of the confidential tidbits we've been passing along to you.

November 1947 issue
Tudor City View was a monthly magazine published from 1934-1969 and underwritten by the French Company. (From 1934-1938, it was called Tudor City Service). Given away free to all residents, it was edited for nearly 30 years by Warren C. Eberle.

Much of the reportage was devoted to activities of various community organizations (the Camera Club, the Bridge Club, etc.) as well as the comings and goings of area residents: ("Dr. John Richter of Hatfield House left for St. Augustine, Florida to attend the Convention of the American Dental Association, where he was to show his color slides on Oral Pathology.")

Below, some content samples. At left, humor from 1951. At right, a wartime lecture, 1944. Click to enlarge.


  1. Hi, I have one copy of the Tudor City View which I would like to give to someone. The date is July 1954.