October 4, 2016

Tudor City Services Map, 1941

From the very beginning, Tudor City's shops and services were an essential part of the enclave's appeal, and much promoted in its early years. Below, an overall map of all services available in 1941, followed by detailed blowups.

No. 5 offered the most services of any building, including a radio shop and Studebaker showroom (!) in the arcade along First Avenue. The Grey Room was a meeting space for various community activities.

No. 25 was home to some basic necessities: a drug store, shoe repair and coffee.

No. 45 offered the enclave's finest restaurant, along with a bottle shop and a grocery/meat market.

Residents of the Manor, Cloister and Hermitage had close access to the North Park, Miss Traver's nursery school and a passageway to the official garage on 44th St.

The 3 H's were close by the tennis courts, taxi stand 
and baby carriage promenade.

Woodstock and Essex House residents were convenient to the cocktail lounge, restaurant, and barber shop/beauty parlor in the Hotel Tudor.

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