November 3, 2016

Tudor City Artifact: DINNER PLATE

First of a new series of posts about random Tudor City artifacts, not unearthed in an archaeological dig but instead dug up on eBay.

Today's item is a 1930s dinner plate, probably used in all three of the Tudor City restaurants of that era ‒ the dining rooms in No. 25, No. 45 and the Woodstock. Nice and sturdy, it was made by Lamberton Scammell China, a longtime pottery manufacturer known for its premium restaurant and hotel dinnerware. Fred French never stinted on the details.

Its divided plate design takes the guesswork out of portion sizes for the kitchen ‒ and keeps the mashed potatoes from touching the peas and carrots for fussy eaters.

A closeup of the center of the plate, a Tudor City crest featuring the signature triple F logo of the Fred F. French Company.

Maker's mark on reverse of plate. 

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