December 13, 2016

Building Spotlight: THE HERMITAGE

The Hermitage, 330 E. 43rd Street
Continuing our survey of individual Tudor City buildings, here's the lowdown on The Hermitage, known within the French Company as the Sixth Unit.

In 1938.
- Opened October 1, 1928. Faced with red brick, trimmed with limestone and terra cotta.

- 10 stories, 62 apartments, 3 penthouses. Units range from one to five rooms. All are housekeeping apartments, with larger kitchens than in the tower buildings.

- Facade features a quatrefoil parapet along the roofline and obelisks at the corners, along with floral bands, drip moldings and lions with shields.

- Resisting the co-op conversion that swept Tudor City in the late '80s, the building remains rental-only to this day. Most of its original casement windows were replaced with modern windows in 1985, before the building was landmarked as part of the Tudor City Historic District. 

The Hermitage, as seen in a 1930 brochure

Floor plan, 1930

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