December 21, 2016

Restaurants: THE COVE

Continuing our survey of Tudor City restaurants over the years, here is The Cove, the Prospect Tower dining room that replaced the original Tudor City Restaurant. The latter closed in 1943, and after a two-year hiatus, the Cove appeared in June, 1945.

Above, the Cove's awning in No. 45, looking south down Tudor City Place.

At left, a matchbook cover that namechecks its Bam Boo Bar.

Inside, The Cove looked much like the original restaurant, although the white tablecloths had been banished in favor of bare tabletops, suggesting a more casual approach. (The chairs - and most likely the tables - were holdovers from the original dining room). This blog has yet to unearth a Cove menu, but one suspects the fare was as simple as the setting.
1947 ad
The Cove struggled throughout the war years, finally closing in 1953. It was replaced by the long-running Terrace Restaurant, subject of an upcoming post.

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