February 17, 2017


Continuing our survey of individual Tudor City buildings, here's the lowdown on Haddon Hall, Hardwicke Hall and Hatfield House, known collectively within the French Company as the Eighth Unit. Today, they're locally referred to as the Three H's.
From left to right, Haddon Hall, Hardwicke Hall & Hatfield House, Nos. 324-314-304 E. 41st St.

All three buildings open January 1, 1929, and are named after three of Britain's finest Elizabethan country homes. Faced with red brick, trimmed with limestone and terra cotta, they're adorned with chimneys, porches, stained glass, quatrefoils and spandrel panels with Tudor motifs. Originally each building had a separate entrance, but in 1959 the Hardwicke Hall door became the sole entrance.

Haddon Hall 
➺11 stories, 43 apartments, 3 penthouses. Most units are two-bedrooms.

Hardwicke Hall
➺11 stories, 62 apartments, 3 penthouses. Units a combination of one- and two-bedrooms.

Hatfield House 
➺15 stories, 87 apartments. Many studios. Opened as an Apartment Hotel, with maid, laundry and room service for an additional fee.

Haddon Hall floor plan, 1930

Hatfield House ad, 1928

The Three H's in 1946, looking west down 41st St.

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