February 7, 2017


The Tudor City Grocery & Meat Market opened on September 30, 1927, along with the building that housed it, No. 45. It's remained a grocery store ever since, with several changes of ownership over the years ‒ today, it's called Tudor Farms.

Originally, the grocery could be accessed not only from the street entrance but also down a hallway within No. 45, but that passageway was eventually sealed up.

Interior of the grocery, 1942. Many of the goods were arranged behind the sales counter, where they were fetched by the cashier. Brand names visible here include Hires Root Beer, Drake's Coffee Cake, and Kellogg's Pep Cereal.

1944 ad from Tudor City View.  Most of the items listed are pretty timeless, save for Ovaltine, ham spread, and chiffon soap flakes.

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