April 7, 2017


Continuing our series on notable Tudor City residents, here's a look at chef Scott Conant, one of the first celeb chefs of the aughts, who made his name cooking at the restaurant in No. 45.

✦ Begins his career interning at San Domenico restaurant on Central Park South. Refines his techniques at a number of other Manhattan eateries, Chianti, Barolo, and City Eatery, among them.

✦ Gets his big break at L'Impero, an Italian restaurant in Prospect Tower, opened in September, 2002. The New York Times gives the place a rave three-star review. Gourmet says he "raises the roof on the Manhattan school of Italian cooking." A star is born.

✦ Takes an apartment in The Manor to make his commute to L'Impero easier. The Times Magazine does a fashion shoot related to his move there (see below).

✦ Has a falling out with his partners and exits L'Impero in 2007. Appears as a judge on the TV shows "Chopped" and "Top Chef" on the Food Network, augmenting his celeb-chef status.

Conant posing in a $3,191 Versace linen motorcycle jacket on the corner of 43rd St. and Tudor City Place, from a 2003 Times Magazine style article about chefs who "hold the commute" by living near their restaurant. The picture was made from the kitchen window of his Manor apartment.
Above, an excerpt from the Times Magazine piece that actually asks the question "WHAT IS TUDOR CITY?"

Today, Conant's restaurant empire includes places in Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

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