May 16, 2017

Save the Date: MANHATTANHENGE is MAY 30

Manhattanhenge a rather recent phenomenon in the annals of New York City street parties ‒ is fast approaching. This solar event, when the sunset is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets of Manhattan's grid, occurs twice a year, although there are also two days when a half sun alignment can be equally dramatic. 

The name, inspired by Britain's prehistoric Stonehenge monument, was coined in 1996 by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the director of the Hayden Planetarium.

The best vantage points for Manhattanhenge are the eastern ends of Manhattan's broadest cross streets: 14th St., 34th St., 42nd St. and 57th St. The Tudor City Bridge is arguably the best outlook of all because 1) you don't have to dodge traffic for a dead-on view of the sunset and 2) the view also includes the photogenic Chrysler and Bank of America towers. Potential bummers are cloudy skies and massive crowds on the bridge ‒ bring a ladder.

Last year's dates were all overcast, here's hoping for clear skies this time out.

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