June 21, 2017

VIDEO: A Sensual Rooftop Dance

The Video of the Day is this self-titled 'Sensual Dance' filmed atop No. 45 by Bride's Magazine. The dude is dancer Kurt Froman, his partner nameless but flawless. We're not exactly sure what this video is promoting, but it sure is fun to watch, especially if you like terra cotta.

Some screen grabs below, the full video here.

UPDATE: Kurt Froman tells us that the video was made for Brides magazine by director/photographer Nicola Majocchi to promote short, cocktail-style wedding dresses.

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  1. This was a video that accompanied the Brides Magazine spread of short cocktail style wedding dresses. The shoot was a lot of fun to do on the roof at Tudor City. Nicola Majocchi was the photographer and director of the film