August 10, 2017


There's nothing like stained glass on a summer day, so here are some cool windowpanes from No. 45, Prospect Tower.

Like all the leaded glass in the enclave, they were created by the company Richard N. Spiers & Son. While most of that firms's work in Tudor City features heraldic imagery or designs relating to neighborhood history, most of No. 45's glass celebrates Olde New York.

Above, two stock figures throughout Manhattan history, the sharpie and the rube. The images were painted on glass, then fused to the glass in a kiln. The sharpie and rube characters are repeated on different windows in No. 45 (below), with different results as each was hand-painted.

Above, two additional figures that are repeated on several windows: a drummer, and a cop with a nightstick (we think). The significance of this pairing is lost on us. 

Several windows in No. 45 are not figurative or heraldic, but rather purely abstract, above and below. We think they're among the most lovely in the complex.

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