August 16, 2017

The Tudor City GARAGE

Above, the facade of the garage, and at right, the passageway to it between The Cloister and The Manor. 

The Unique Garage, Tudor City's official garage, around the corner on 44th Street, was in place when the complex opened. The snippet below, from a 1930 brochure, explains it all.

The "short lighted passageway" was much ballyhooed, and indeed was an ingenious solution for providing garage service to the community without actual garage space within the enclave.

A 1962 view of the garage, at that point a Hertz Rent-a-Car outlet. 
The arched doorway in the lower left corner is the passageway to Tudor City. 
The garage is acquired by Hertz in 1959. For some reason, patronage from Tudor City dwindles after the acquisition, prompting Hertz to run the ad below. Its tone is typical of the smart-alecky advertising copy popular in the 1960s.


The garage was torn down in 1986 and replaced by 338 E. 44th Street, a mixed-use tower offering both commercial and residential space. Today, Tudor City's garage is in the basement of No. 2, and accessible to that building's residents by elevator.

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