August 30, 2017

UP ON THE ROOF with Sarah Jessica Parker

Today, some glamour via Sarah Jessica Parker, who posed for photographs on the roof of No. 45 in 2015.

The shoot is for a cover story on the actress in AnaZahra, an upscale, Vanity-Fair type magazine published in Dubai. Among other things, Parker is promoting her new line of shoes, SJP, which she's wearing in the pictures. Magazine cover at left. All photos by An Le.
Parker holds her own against The Woodstock, Daily News and Chrysler Buildings.

She appears to be standing atop trampolines or Ping-Pong tables.

She has a tentative interaction with the Tudor City Sign. . .

. . . before totally embracing it and becoming the first person ever photographed alongside the T ‒ or at least the first person ever photoshopped next to the T. 


Neighborhood scuttlebutt has it that Parker was in Tudor City a couple of weeks ago shooting scenes for her new picture, Best Day of My Life. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the sign in the photo facing the wrong way? I think it faces west. Unless there is another sign I'm unaware of.

    1. Believe that the photographer took a picture of the back of the sign, then flipped the image and photoshopped SJP next to the T. This makes sense, as the Chrysler Building in the photo is on the south side of 42nd St, instead of the north side.

  2. Dennis MoyesSeptember 02, 2017

    Ah, well spotted! I question whether the whole shoot of SJP wasn't a against a green screen in the studio. I mean, why bother to drag her and all the gear up to the roof?

  3. AnonymousJune 09, 2018

    Isn't that the sign that the NY Times wrote about in an article called:"Tudor City; Landmarks Won't Let a Co-op Fiddle With it's Roof", reporting that Managing Agent, Robert Kaye, and the man that hired him, Evangelos Stamatopolous, were trying to have it removed by saying that that it was in desperate need of repairs because the steel beams were rusted and in danger of falling, and even got an architect to, apparently, falsely, state that, but it is still standing, after nothing but a lttle painting was done? It was safe enough for Sarah Jessica Parker to stand on the top of. That seems like a major liability? Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid to use the sundeck and other two roofs, as a film studio. Have you ever found that money on the financial statements of the co-op? Why has the sundeck been closed for so long, even though film shoots, like this, were allowed to happen, on it, since they started doing roof repairs in 2014? Did you understand them to say that all of the roofs in Tudor City, had apparently been built improperly/need to be replaced? Watch property values go down as word gets out. Did you hear it mentioned, at the last co-op board meeting, that one or more, of the three roofs, were included in the lease for the restaurant, even though the building isn't allowed to have businesses above the 2nd floor? The restaurant owner seems to think he was promised it? Also, at the meeting, did you hear them say that the reason the sundeck is closed, for years, is because the tenants won't vacate so they can do repairs? Why would that be, when the sundeck is completely seperate, on it's own north roof of the building, and has nothing to do with the other roofs? What have they been doing up there for the last four years? The fiddling with the roof, in the past, seems like nothing compared to what is going on with it now. The permit to repair it was only filed on 6/7/18. Suddenly, there were workmen actually working, pointing the facade of the building, yesterday, after the building newsletter said that had been completeled a long time ago. It sure looks like there is a lot more to do. Does the 2nd floor look pointed to you? Someone needs to get a better source of the facts of what has been going on and why the sundeck isn't being fixed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to replace a few cracked tiles, but maybe now, after they used jackhammers on it, with the Super supervising, there are more than the few broken ones. Who is profiting from all of these unnecessary/ extra roof "repairs"? The election seems to have emboldened a renewed tyranical spirit at the bldg. Someone else needs to keep a closer eye on what is really going on. Don't let them replace the terra cotta tiles with a new roof.