October 16, 2017

ART DECO Tudor City

One doesn't think of art deco when it comes to Tudor City, but there is one moderne structure that breaks from the overall Neo-Gothic look of the enclave ‒ Hotel Tudor, opened in 1930. Its multiple setbacks and decorative details are in the art deco style, yet its red-brick facade unifies it with the rest of Tudor City.

Above, Hotel Tudor's 42nd Street facade.
Fancy raised brickwork lends some jazz to the enterprise.
Within, the original cocktail bar (above) and main lounge (below) are decidedly moderne. Photographed in 1936 by the Wurts Brothers.

Even the advertising fonts get a deco spin, below.

The hotel changes hands and the public spaces are refurbished many times over the years. The landmarked exterior, however, still exudes subtle deco charm.

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