January 19, 2018


An arabesque on Tudor City Place.
The Ballerina Project ‒ the web sensation that pictures professional dancers on city streets ‒ began in 2000 as an art project by photographer Dane Shitagi. Breaking with traditional dance photography (usually made onstage or in a studio), Shitagi juxtaposes his ballerinas against urban landscapes to striking effect. Now, a million-plus Instagram followers later, the project has branches and photographers spanning the globe. 

Among the Manhattan locales is Tudor City. Please welcome to the dance floor Rachel Richardson, an American Ballet Theatre member who brings some magic to the cul-de-sac at Tudor City Place's southern terminus.

Below, Richardson on 42nd Street (The Woodstock at left).
Check out the Ballerina Project's website here and its Pinterest board here. Coming soon, the Ballerina Project, Part Two.
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News flash: Tudor City Greens' website has a snazzy new redesign. See it here.

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