January 25, 2018


This edition of Tudor City on Film features The International, a slick 2009 thriller starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts as Interpol agents out to expose a corrupt, arms-dealing international bank bent on worldwide domination.

The picture lives up to its name with a globe-trotting scenario that touches down in Lyon, Berlin, Milan, Istanbul and Manhattan (most memorably in a sequence inside the Guggenheim Museum).

Tudor City makes two short appearances in the film, essentially establishing shots, but shots that mark the big-screen debut of The Woodstock.

Hot on the trail of an assassin, Clive Owen arrives at The Woodstock. This bird's-eye view of the entrance was shot from the South Roof of No. 45.

Owen is headed for the apartment of a suspicious orthopedic doctor who's designed a leg brace for the gimpy assassin. Or something like that. (We lost interest in the details as the interior sequences were not shot in The Woodstock).

Later, when Owen revisits the ornery orthopedist, there's another establishing shot of The Woodstock. That's Gary, the terra cotta lion (subject of an earlier post), at bottom center.

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