January 1, 2018

VIDEO INTERLUDE: A Day in the Life of the 43rd Street Cul-de-Sac

We ring in the new year with a wacky Video Interlude that breaks from our typical presentation, usually involving models lolling around No. 45's roof.  Today's video is something else altogether, a day in the life of the 43rd Street cul-de-sac, boiled down to 16 minutes via time-lapse photography. It was shot on December 1, 2011, apparently from a window in The Hermitage.

Sounds boring? Well, granted, it's got no plot, no sound, iffy production values, and runs on the long side, yet somehow it's kind of hypnotic, even Warhol-esque. Watch it here and decide for yourself. For less patient viewers, some highlights below:

Day breaks (0:23)

First selfie of the day taken against the backdrop of the UN ( 2:17)
Trash pickup (2:48)
Sun comes out (2:59)
First of many cars tries to make right turn onto 1st Avenue, turns around (4:20)
Police car arrives (8:22)
Police car departs (8:32)
Black car drivers take a cigarette break (11:56)
Night falls (13:54)

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