February 26, 2018


First of a new series, Lost Tudor City, honoring long-gone pieces of Tudor City's past. We begin with the North Park pergola, in place on opening day in 1927. 

The North Park is designed in the English style, with a gatehouse entrance, a fountain, wooden benches, gravel paths, and an expansive keep-off-the-grass lawn. And then there's the pergola, one of the few shady spots in the park. It's a simple, arbor-like affair, a graveled passageway lined with wooden beams and topped by wisteria vines, which provide the shade.
Looking south at the pergola in full bloom, with Nos. 5 and 25 in the background.

The bench design and manicured shrubbery are very much in the English style. 
Within the pergola. looking east toward the fountain, lich gate entrance and No. 45.

The pergola as part of the sales pitch, from a 1932 ad.

It remains in place until 1949, when the parks are narrowed and then completely redesigned, sans pergola.

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