February 20, 2018

RESIDENTS: Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson in his Prospect Tower apartment, 2017

We're saddened to report that Brian Thompson, Tudor City aficionado extraordinaire, passed away last week.

Brian blew into the enclave in 1993, after learning that some Tudor City apartments were being auctioned at the Centre Street Courthouse. He bought five of them ‒ for $24,000 ‒ thereby changing his life. He became a resident, a local real estate broker, a community activist, and eventually Tudor City's de facto historian and tour guide.

Well known in the area over his 25-year residency, he could be controversial, but had the courage of his convictions and a genuine passion for Tudor City. Most recently, he launched a new website, Tudor City Living, devoted to maximal living in minimal surrounds. 

The photos in this post come from 6sqft, a web enterprise similarly devoted to living in micro spaces. Check out their 2017 interview with Brian here and their video of him here.

The view from Brian's bathroom window. No wonder he loved Tudor City so much.

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