April 17, 2018

CLOSE-UP, 1930

A series of rarely seen photos from a 1930 brochure, courtesy of reader Garth Justice. Thanks for sharing, Garth!

The base of No. 5, with a truck inexplicably backed up to the entrance. Parking evidently was not a problem in 1930, though the pristine street suggests the hand of a retoucher.

Looking across Prospect Place (now Tudor City Place) toward The Woodstock. Hedges lined both sides of the cobblestone street. The rowhouse at center right was owned by the French Company, but never developed. Today, it's the site of the children's playground opposite the North Park.

The hard-to-photograph roofline of the 3-H's. From left to right, Haddon Hall, Hardwicke Hall and Hatfield House. The latter is capped by stacked pavilions, one with a Tudor niche, another with an oriel and tall chimney.

A roadster parked in front of The Hermitage entrance. More retouching on the street and sidewalk

Essex House, with The Woodstock rising up above it. 

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