April 11, 2018

Video Interlude: COCO ROCHA for LONGCHAMP

Today, a welcome break from the endless sepia toned photographs that this blog is so fond of running. Instead, here's a fun, mindless video of a pretty girl prancing around town and winding up in Tudor City.

Shot in 2013, the video is a promotional spot for Longchamp, the Parisian purveyor of luxury leather goods. The model, Coco Rocha, is a familiar face to followers of fashion.

The spot's entitled "Bigger Than Life," so naturally enough Coco plays a giantess roaming the canyons of Midtown, swinging her Longchamp bag.

She gets coffee, and strolls past the Tudor City sign.

Later, she takes a seat on the roof of the Ford Foundation, opposite The Woodstock.

Roll logo, end of spot.

See the video in all its 1:27-minute glory here.

Tudor City appears at 0:30 and 1:19, but the music ‒ "Toop Toop" by Cassius ‒ and Coco's supercool dance moves (0:37) ultimately steal the show.

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