May 29, 2018

Tudor City as Seen by GOOGLE EARTH 3D, Revisited

Today, another installment of Tudor City as interpreted by Google Earth 3D, an amazing virtual helicopter ride around the world that's a guilty pleasure of this blog. Some screen grabs of virtual Tudor City, below.
No. 5 and its rising new neighbor, 685 First Avenue.

The vacant lot, detailed in an earlier post.

Google Earth 3D is no match for No. 5's roofline, rendered in surrealistic fashion.

The Woodstock, The Manor, Nos. 45 and 25, and the parks. 

For some reason, Google Earth masks the Tudor City sign, but renders the Pepsi sign across the river in loving detail. Hmm. . .

Test drive Google Earth here, An explanation of how Google does it here.

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