June 22, 2018


In breaking news, the Hotel Tudor ‒ last known as the Hilton New York Grand Central ‒ recently changed hands, and is now the Westgate New York Grand Central. Although it's been called Hotel Tudor for most of its existence, the hotel has had five name changes over the last twenty years:

1930  Hotel Tudor
1997  Crowne Plaza at the United Nations
2007  Tudor Hotel at the United Nations
2010  Hilton Manhattan East
2015  Hilton New York Grand Central
2018  Westgate New York Grand Central

The new owner, Westgate Resorts, is an Orlando-based concern that's the world's largest privately held timeshare company. Their press release states the hotel will undergo "extensive renovation" and ‒ no surprise ‒ the company will "explore opportunities to add timeshare villas."

This is Westgate's first urban hotel. We wish them much success! Room rates, etc. here.

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  1. I wish I’d snapped a picture of it, but when they were changing the signage, they stripped offf the Hilton brass plates near the entrance and underneath them were the original Hotel Tudor plates, with antiques font and everything. By the time I circled back, they were already covered under another layer of history...