July 6, 2018

Confidential: 'MAD DOG' COLL Hails a Taxi

From our Confidential files, we've dug out the Nov. 19, 1937 edition of the Inquiring Fotographer, a long-running Daily News column that posed the same question to random folks on the street.

On this day, the question was asked of taxi drivers: "Who was the most famous person you ever drove in your cab?"  One answer caught our eye.
Vincent Coll was a murderous Irish mobster, dubbed 'Mad Dog' after killing a five-year-old child caught in the crossfire of a gang war. Coll had a short, violent life, bumped off in a drugstore phone booth by never-identified assailants in 1932, aged 24. What he was doing in Tudor City before hailing the cab is lost to history.


More questions and answers from the Inquiring Fotographer coming soon. . .

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