July 18, 2018

Special ICE CREAM Edition

Today, some early cross-promotional advertising pairing Tudor City with Horton's Ice Cream, a premium brand naturally served in the colony, where "only the best will do."

Founded in 1851, Horton's was supplying over half of NYC's ice cream by 1900. But like other small producers, it soon lost ground to bigger, mechanized operations, and eventually was sold to Bordon in 1930. Bordon kept the name and marketed it as a premium ice cream, as shown in these 1939 ads.

Newspaper ad above features the Tudor City tennis courts and coffee shop. The copy reads
There's a Horton Dealer just around your corner who has that same fine ice cream that is served by the finer places in New York. Just name your favorite flavor! And remember. . . Horton's purity and safety are guaranteed! Try some today!

Below, a surreptitious ad disguised as a comic strip. 

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