August 7, 2018


Annie Leibovitz, big-time celeb photographer, and the larger-than-life Tudor City sign seem made for each other. Today, a look at their inevitable meeting.

It takes place in 2011, when Leibovitz is hired to shoot four pictures for Macallan Whisky, the luxury Scottish distiller. Her pictures are meant to inspire four single-cask whiskys, and are part of Macallan's ongoing Masters of Photography series, pairing notable shutterbugs with limited-run brown liquors.

One of Leibovitz's images ‒ entitled "The Skyline" ‒ is set on No. 45's South Roof, and features Scottish actor Kevin McKidd (of Grey's Anatomy and Trainspotting fame) as its model. Below, the photo, along with its description from the Macallan website.

THE SKYLINE   Tudor City, on the East side of Manhattan, is not only famed as the first residential skyscraper complex in the world but is renowned for some of the finest city skyline views worldwide. As dawn broke over the city, Kevin is seen on the iconic building sign feeling heroic, on top of his game and glorying in a glass of The Macallan as his just reward for his endeavours. At this moment, the master of his craft being photographed by the master of photography, Annie Leibovitz.

The Tudor City sign on a bottle of whisky.

The image is engraved on the bottle, which comes in a lavish presentation box (at left) that includes a signed, gallery-sized print of "The Skyline." Only 285 bottles are made, retailing for $2,750 apiece.

So what does it taste like? Some helpful notes via Macallan: Nose: Intense, dried fruits, ginger, nutmeg and clove. Palate: Ginger and cinnamon spice with rich dried fruits. Finish: Medium to long finish, smooth.

Below, some outtakes from the shoot.

See a video of Annie Leibovitz at work here. The Tudor City sequence starts at 3:07.

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