August 15, 2018


Today we introduce a new feature spotlighting the long-running Daily News question-and-answer column, The Inquiring Fotographer.

The original fotographer, Jimmy Jemail, inaugurates the daily column in 1921 and writes and photographs it for 52 years. His very first question ‒ "Should a wife believe the things she hears her husband say in his sleep?" ‒ establishes its irreverent, borderline racy tone from the jump.

Since Tudor City is a half a block from Jemail's office in the News Building, he interviews many locals over the years. Our new feature honors these residents, not to mention the Daily News, once the biggest-selling newspaper in the nation, now fallen on hard times.

Below, two columns from 1939 and 1944 that feature the same comely Tudor Citizen, model Gloria Marsh. Over to you, Gloria!
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