October 12, 2018

Lost Tudor City: The GAZEBOS

This episode of Lost Tudor City spotlights two long-gone gazebos that once graced the South Park.

Octagonal pavilions made of heavy timber with shingled roofs, the gazebos were in the English style, in keeping with the overall design of the parks. Set on the north- and southeast corners of the park, they were in place from 1930 to 1949.
The southeastern gazebo, with No. 5 in the background.
Above, the northeastern gazebo depicted on a postcard, and on a wintertime cover of Tudor City View (photo by resident Sidney Lehman).

The gazebos were removed in 1949, when both parks were redesigned as part of the neighborhood upgrades for the arrival of the U.N. The redesign was not in the English style, and the gazebos never returned.

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