February 3, 2019

NEW YORK NERVES Ad Campaign, 1933

Herewith, a series of ads from a November, 1933 campaign touting the restful side of Tudor City. (What was then called New York nerves is today more commonly referred to as stress.) We've appended each ad with select copy highlights.

"Does gulping your coffee morning after morning put your nerves on edge? Are you becoming a victim of rush and roar ‒ scurry and scramble? Then move to Tudor City and give your nerves a rest."

"Does your heart lose a beat when your alarm clock shows 8:30 instead of 7:30?" In Tudor City, "you sleep until well after sunrise ‒ enjoy a leisurely breakfast ‒ and still have time to walk to your office."

"Give your nerves a permanent vacation" from commuting in Tudor City, where "two blocks of private parks put you far away from city noises. Here you can add an hour a day for recreation."

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