March 20, 2019


In breaking news, a new amenity comes to Tudor City via a recently opened art gallery inside the Ford Foundation.

It's a new day at this venerable institution, the culmination of a two-year, $205 million renovation to the landmark 1967 structure. Asbestos removal, sprinkler installation and wheelchair accessibility were all addressed. But there was also a more sweeping change to the DNA of the institution, now rechristened the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice.

In keeping with what's in the air these days, the mission is now all about inclusion and diversity. Individual offices have been remodeled into open-plan seating, and executive suites repurposed into gratis conference rooms for non-profits. 

Downstairs, the new art gallery is meant to draw the public into the building, and there's even signage promoting it on the 42nd Street sidewalk (above). The first exhibition, "Perilous Bodies," features contemporary artwork with pointed social themes and runs through May 11th. The particulars:

ENTRANCE: 320 E. 43rd St. 
HOURS: Mon ‒ Sat, 11 am ‒ 6 pm
Free admission
Further info on the gallery's website here

Installation view of the 2,000-square-foot gallery space.

Adjoining the gallery is the foundation's lush atrium garden, also open to the public, but remarkably still something of a best-kept secret.

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