April 17, 2019

The Tudor City Tulip Festival REVISITED

We discussed the Tudor City Tulip Festival in an earlier post, and recently came across more photographs from the festival over its short life, from 1936 to 1940. All photos were made in the North Park, and originally appeared in Tudor City View, the enclave's monthly magazine.

Looking down at the crowd at the 1939 festivities from a window in No. 45. 
A temporary stage [hidden behind the tree] was home to a variety of performers. 

Baritone Glenn Darwin performing on the temporary stage, 1939. 

Students from Miss Traver's School, the local kindergarten, decked out in Dutch costumes and not looking especially thrilled about it, 1939.

1936. Mannequins modeling outfits from Windsor Gowns, the local dress shop in No. 5. 

Interpretive dancer Calliope Charisse, performing a dance of her own creation, "La Tulip Noire," in 1937. She is accompanied by five of her children, who often performed with her.


Tudor City continues to offer entertainment in its parks thanks to the efforts of Tudor City Greens. See the 2019 schedule of events here.

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