May 29, 2019

Secret Tudor City: WEATHERVANE Edition

Hidden in plain sight atop a pavilion on No. 5 is Tudor City's very own weathervane.
This copper vane has been in place since 1930, and appears to be in good shape, though the N and W letters are missing. It was made by E.G. Washburne and Co., a prominent manufacturer of the time, again demonstrating Fred French's penchant for employing the finest craftsmen for Tudor City's details ‒ firms like Atlantic Terra Cotta and Richard Spiers & Son (who did the stained glass).

No. 5's weathervane is the sole survivor of a trio of vanes that once lined Tudor City Place, as pictured below.
The vanes atop Nos. 25 and 45 are both gone with the wind, who knows why or when. What remains today, below.
Vane holder, No. 45
Vane holder, No. 25

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