May 15, 2019

Tudor City on Film: GOTHAM

Today's installment of Tudor City on Film examines an episode of the crime drama Gotham, which ran for five seasons on the Fox network, and is currently streaming on Netflix.

An origin series from DC Comics, it details the rise of James Gordon, future Gotham City Police Commissioner, as well as backstories for Bruce Wayne (future Batman) and classic Batman nemeses like the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. 

Tudor City appears in episode 14 of the first season, with a sequence set on No. 45's roof alongside the Tudor City sign. Renamed via expert F/X, the sign is a natural fit with the production's overall steampunk design.
The sequence begins with a man, tied to a chair with a noose around his neck,
 being tossed off the roof of No. 45. Behind him, the 'Gotham City' sign.

The next morning, the body is examined by the forensics expert.

Police Captain Sarah Essen arrives at the crime scene. 
Upper left, the noose dangling from the sign.

Detective Harvey Bullock brings her up to speed. She warns him to watch his back.

"Don't stand so close to the edge of the roof," she says. "Accidents happen."

Bullock gazes down uncertainly. Cut to next scene.

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