June 5, 2019


As of May 30, 2019
Readers have been asking what's going on with the Tudor City sign, shrouded in scaffolding and netting for the last few months. Here's what we know:

✪ Though the framework is structurally sound, the steel inlays of the letters have deteriorated and must be refabricated.

✪ Colorwise, the framework will remain black, and the letters painted a golden yellow hue, matching an earlier paint treatment around 1960 (below). There are no plans to light the sign at present.

✪ The completion date is sketchy, given that the restoration plan must be approved by the Landmarks Commission before work can begin. The most optimistic projection forecasts completion of the project in eight months.

Our congratulations to the shareholders of No. 45 for underwriting this long overdue restoration, which will benefit the whole community.

Circa 1960

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