July 7, 2019

Residents: PAM DAWBER

Dawber and Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy.

Today's resident of note is Pam Dawber, sitcom star and Manor tenant. Her life, in bullet points:

✯  Born in Detroit, 1951. Begins her career as a fashion model in New York, represented by the Wilhelmina agency. Rents an apartment in the Manor in the mid-1970s.

✯  Her focus turns to acting. In 1978, virtually unknown, she lands a starring role opposite equally unknown Robin Williams in a new TV series, Mork and Mindy, playing the comedic foil  ‒ and eventual love interest ‒ of an extraterrestrial from the planet Ork. The show is an instant hit, propelling both actors to stardom.

✯  Adopts a bi-coastal lifestyle, much in vogue at the time. Interviewed by the Daily News, she explains "I commute between here and Los Angeles. I lease my Tudor City apartment to [actor] Bob Lipton, and he rents his LA home to me. It works out real fine."

✮  After the series ends in 1982, she appears in other sitcoms, most notably My Sister Sam. Marries actor Mark Harmon in 1987, her television roles becoming less frequent since then.
Dawber's life summarized on magazine covers.

Thank you to Paige Judge for the tip!

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