August 11, 2019

Anatomy of a Photo: The TENNIS COURTS

Beginning a new series, Anatomy of a Photo, taking a close-up look at a single photograph. Today's subject, above, is a bird's eye view of the Tudor City tennis courts, made from a Woodstock apartment window in May, 1935. The photo looks south, with No. 5 at upper left. [The tennis courts are now the site of No. 2].
Zooming in, the building in the center is 8 Prospect Place, the holdout rowhouse that refused to sell to Fred French, thus preventing development of the lot for nearly 30 years. More about it here. The smaller, pitched-roofed structure beside No. 8 is the tennis court office.
Cabs lined up at Tudor City's official taxi stand on the corner of 41st St. and Prospect Place, with the dispatcher's booth next to the street lamp. The Parmelee taxi company had an exclusive contract in the colony. More about Tudor City and taxis here.
Only one tennis court is in use, and its players have attracted a number of spectators, lined up against the fence. More about Tudor City's tennis courts here.

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