January 12, 2020


Above, a classic Tudor City ad created by the Huber Hoge agency. Tudor City sales pitches included the walk-to-work angle (the most heavily promoted), followed by the benefits of private parks and services. There was also an entire campaign designed for theatergoers, our subject today. 

All the ads pictured ran in theatrical playbills in 1929.

Theatergoing was frustrating for commuters, who rarely saw the end of a show, forced to exit early to catch the last train home. By contrast, "Tudor City residents never leave early" since they can "stroll to the theater from an oasis of peace and quiet, with its green grass and shady trees, just a ten-minute walk from Broadway."

Above, a faux news article about a fictional diva ‒ Miss Edwina Booth, "member of a famous theatrical family" ‒ who stops the show when the "Early Leavers" exit. "They should sit in some inconspicuous part of the theater where they can leave quietly" she sniffs.

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