April 5, 2020


That nightly clapping that you've been hearing at 7:00 pm over the last week is part of a citywide initiative meant to show appreciation for the essential workers keeping our hospitals ‒ and city ‒ functioning in these fraught times. Organized on social media via the hashtag #ClapBecauseWeCare, the originally once-a-week event proved so popular that it's become a nightly one.

Below, a video (that's more about the audio) made last night. Tap the bottom right corner to enlarge. 

In Tudor City, the clapping is augmented by car honking, pots-and-pans clanking and overall hooting and hollering. It's reminiscent of the colony's early days, when there was a tight-knit sense of community that's faded over time. It's nice to see this spirit back at an event that evokes comfort, community, and hope.

Thank you to David Reiff for the suggestion.

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