June 28, 2020

THEN AND NOW: Graffiti Edition

Included in New York's Phase 2 recovery is graffiti removal, happy news indeed, and last month’s vandalism to No. 45 and the granite wall beneath it on 42nd Street is gone. A then-and-now comparison, below.
May 7, 2020, southeast corner of No. 45
June 23, 2020

May 7, 2020, 42nd Street wall beneath No.45
June 23, 2020

A shout-out to the boards and shareholders of No. 45 and The Manor for underwriting the cleanup, particularly Michael Gribin and Konrad Wos, who spearheaded the project. Graffiti removal was permitted starting June 22nd, and the blight erased on the 23rd because of their efforts. Well done!

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