June 14, 2020


At left, the front page of the Daily News on July 27, 1927. The headline references the tentative settlement made between the IRT subway line and its about-to-strike workers, thanks to an intervention by the city's mayor, Jimmy Walker.

Tudor City's ad agency saw an opportunity and sprang into action. The following day, July 28, 1927, the advertisement below ran in the Times. While there was nothing new about the sales pitch ‒ the joy of walking to work versus the agony of mass transit ‒ the message got an up-to-date spin with the transit strike settlement.
Tudor City had yet to open ‒ that would be two months later ‒ but its advantages were already quite clear. The colony was "near everything" with "famously efficient service" and "Park Avenue standards at better rentals." How could it miss?

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