July 12, 2020

Last Call for McFadden's?

Walking down the street the other day, we came upon a surprising sign posted on the wall of McFadden's, the longtime bar on the corner of 42nd and Second.

An Irish sports pub, McFadden's is a Buffalo Bills bar, drawing a crowd on game nights, and a staple on the St. Patrick's Day and Santa Con circuits. The Zagat nightlife guide once described it as a "sweaty sausagefest," and apparently not much has changed over time, judging by the online evidence:

Believe it or not, it's been there for forty-three years, nearly half of Tudor City's existence. We called the real estate broker, who confirmed that the space was for rent and in the next breath said he believed McFadden's would stay put. Hmmm. . .


  1. God, they are awful neighbors...drunken screaming, fights, arrests, and public urination (on the Ford Foundation!) every single weekend. I hope they never re-open, and if they do, that Woodstock residents will collectively use 311 and Community Board 9 to keep them accountable for the public nuisance caused by their consistently overserving their patrons.

  2. The sign has been there for a long time, as much as a year or more