July 5, 2020

Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co.

A look back at the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, supplier of Tudor City's original bathroom fixtures. Their circa-1927 tubs, sinks and commodes were nothing if not durable ‒ many are still in use in the colony today.

Founded in 1875, the company became a powerhouse following its merger with nine independent manufacturers in 1899. Standard Sanitary soon led the bathroom fixture market worldwide, owing to innovations like built-in tubs, one-piece toilets and combination faucets (mixing hot and cold water through one tap). The company was a natural choice for Fred French, who didn't skimp on Tudor City's details, outfitting the enclave with top-of-the-line products like Frigidaires, Murphy beds and Gorham coffee pots.

The Tudor City installation was impressive enough for Standard Sanitary to feature it in its advertising: 

Zooming in on details pertinent to Tudor City; the building pictured at left is No. 25, the complex's Fourth Unit.

Standard Sanitary remains in business today, with a more modern moniker: American Standard.

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