August 12, 2020

Artifact: 1931 COFFEE HOUSE MENU

Artifact of the day is a dinner menu from the Tudor City Coffee House, dated November 27, 1931. 

Set in No. 25, the restaurant was designed to be a cheaper alternative to its fancier cousin in No. 45, yet its wide-ranging menu goes beyond typical coffee house fare. 

Judge for yourself, below.
Open all day, the coffee house also served breakfast and lunch.

The upper part of the menu details the set-price dinners available. Many dishes here remain standards today, with the exception of items like Jellied Tomatoes, Paprika Schnitzel, Baked Apples, Stewed Pears, Plain Spinach, and Ripe Figs. 

Above, the à la carte offerings. For some reason, a glass of ginger ale costs more than a glass of Budweiser. 

More about the Coffee House (and a 1941 menu) here.

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