October 21, 2020

ARTIFACT: 1947 Picture Postcard


Today's artifact is a postcard picturing the South Park, The Cloister and The Manor, postmarked November 6, 1947.

Detail of the postcard, showing the popularity of the gazebo

On the reverse, the message reads
Dear Emmie, I hope your Thanksgiving is a nice one. I thought you'd enjoy seeing part of the development in which I live. Love, Mary

Addendum at top reads  
This is the adult park in the development. The bldgs in the background are part of the same. [For many years, the South Park was reserved for grown-ups, with children permitted only in the North Park.]

Adding some local cred to the item, the postcard is stamped on the reverse with the name of its publisher: The Windsor Bookshop. Set in No. 5 in the 41st Street cul-de-sac, the shop also sold cards and gifts. 

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