March 6, 2022


Today, a look at Mount Prospect House, the summer home of Francis Bayard Winthrop. It's said to be positioned catty-cornered to the future site of Number 5.  

Winthrop, painted in 1808

The story revolves around Francis Bayard Winthrop, 1754-1817, who was a descendant of one of the founding families of Massachusetts. Winthrop began his merchant career in Boston, and married Elsie Marston, with whom he had four children.

But this was shattered by Elsie's death in 1789, at the age of 28. In a flurry of activity, the following year he married Phoebe Taylor and moved to New York City, where they would raise four additional children. In 1791, he built a summer home, Mount Prospect, positioned roughly at the intersection of 41st Street and First Avenue.

The house, known as Mount Prospect Mansion House, makes its appearance on this map made around 1810.  

What it really looked like is anyone's guess. This depiction of the house appeared on the cover of Tudor City View's January, 1966 issue. Artist unknown. 

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